Industrial Hydrogen peroxide
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Industrial Hydrogen peroxide

Item No.: CAS No.: 7722-84-1   
hydrogen peroxideis colorless transparent liquid, with little particular smell, insoluble in benzine and benzene, soluble in water, ethanol and ether. hydrogen peroxide is  oxidant, bleaching agents, cleaning agent
                                    Industrial Hydrogen peroxide

1.Product name: Industrial Hydrogen peroxide
  Synonyms: Dihydrogen dioxide, hydrogen dioxide, hydroperoxide, hydrogen peroxide
2.Molecular weight:34.0147
  Molecular formula:H2O2
3.CAS No.: 7722-84-1 
  Eiencs No.: 231-765-0
4. Specification: 
Item Index
Grade name Industrial Grade35% Technical Grade50%
Appearance Colorless transparent Liquid Colorless transparent Liquid
The mass fraction of hydrogen peroxide/% 35 50
Stability/% 97 97
The mass fraction of non-volatile/% 0.08 0.08
The mass fraction of free acid(H2SO4)/% 0.04 0.04

Printing and dyeing industry: FEICHEM H2O2  as a bleaching agent for cotton fabrics,  Also used in wool, raw silk, ivory, pulp, fat and other bleaching.
Dyeing of VAT dyes: Metal industry:  FEICHEM H2O2  can be used in the production of metal salts or other compounds.
Electroplating solution: FEICHEM H2O2  can remove inorganic impurities, improve the quality of plating parts.

6.Packing: 1000 L/IBC,1200kg/ibc
7.Transport & Storage: Stored in dry, shady and cool place. Keep from fire and heat. Keep the temperature under 30°C. Keep from sunlight. To seal up in the package.