FEICHEM 305  Modified Terphenyl
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FEICHEM 305 Modified Terphenyl

Terphenyls  is the most widely used liquid-phase high temperature heat transfer fluid in the world. It can be used in  -7 ℃ ~345 ℃ applications and delivers important performance: high thermal stability, high degree of customer satisfaction, reliability a
                                                                   FEICHEM 305  Modified Terphenyl

1.Product name:Hydrogenated terphenyls,,Modified terphenyl
   Simlar product: THERMINOL 66

2.Specification Appearance: clear pale yellow liquid
   Flash point:> 175
   Moisture:150 ppm
   Boiling range: 325-395
   Density (25 ): 970-1005kg/m3
   Kinematic viscosity
    40               2832mPaS
    150             1.60mPaS
    300              0.50mPaS
    Acid No: 0.015 mg KOK/g
    Residual carbon: 0.015%
  Heat of vaporization at maximum use  temperature 340 :  272kJ/kg
  Maximum film temperature: 375
3.packing:200kg/drum on pallets,  1000kg/IBC,  25ton/tank
4. Nanjing Feixiang FEICHEM 305 can be used in industries like chemical fiber ,petrochemical ,plastic ,petroleum . For inquiries.please send e-mail to feixiang2@jstengrui.com