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About Us


Nanjing Feixiang Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. belong to HK TengRui Int'l Trading Company Co.,Ltd.,which  has positioned itself effectively in the special chemicals market, providing both established and new products in existing markets as well as in new ones. This is also our goal for the future…

After more than  15 years development,In the chemical business, we are one of the biggest supplier of water treatment chemicals, supply phosphnate acid and its salts.  Beside,  we developed Bromides for oil-drilling field and additives for  lubricants ,metal-cleaning and  chemical material for  textile, detergent , paper industry etc.  We are the only manufacturer in China ,producing inhibitor FEICHEM ABT. 

In the medical business, we develop fastly with cooperating with some distributors overseas, suppling disposable infusion set,disposable infusion pump, blood collection bag, sterile gloves,sterile hypodermic syringe, Gauze, operation bed and other hospital supplies.

Certainly we are still developing .....

Welcome worldwide customers contact with us! We can supply what you need with reliable quality.  We are sure that both companies can establish with a strong business relationship in near future.